Before departure briefing

Before departure briefing

Before you leave the dock

The four key elements to remember before you leave the dock, from familiarisation with the equipment to the environment.

Where everyone comes for the sailing there are a number of essentials that you need to remember before you leave the dock - these aren't the bits you will easily remember as let’s face it, no one likes admin!

Where’s the life raft and does everyone know how to operate it?
Is everything stowed below (you’ll know if it isn't as soon as you heel under the sails!)?
Has everyone been told where the safety equipment is as well as their roles aboard the boat for the day?

Remember the environment too - we don’t want our waters awash with plastic bottles!


CHAPTER C - Before departure briefing

  1. Check safety equipment
  2. Provisions and Cooking
  3. Yacht’s interior
  4. The Chart Table
  5. General sailing tips
  6. Crew roles

◄ Chapter B:THE BASICS IN SAILING ★ Before departure briefing ★

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