Tangled anchor

Anchor Tango: Tips and Solutions

In the realm of maritime challenges, including the joys and hazards of cruising the Greek islands, anchoring mishaps require not just technical know-how but also a dose of patience, communication, and proactive problem-solving.

The Challenges of a Tangled Anchor

This particular issue is not uncommon in the bustling waters of the Mediterranean and the Greek islands.

It is challenging for all moored vessels to successfully deploy their mooring chains parallel, to those of their neighbors in these crowded harbors.

If you suspect that the neighboring vessel's chain (which arrived after yours) has become entangled with yours, inform them of your concern and inquire about their departure plans.

If they leave before you, it can prevent any issues from arising.

Addressing Tangled Chains

When we commence hoisting the anchor, leaving the dock behind, at that moment, we are unaware of whether the neighbor's chain is entwined with ours.

The first to notice this (thanks to periodic vibrations) will be the neighbor, who will likely start calling out to alert us.

In that case, we will request them to release a few meters, allowing our anchor to bring their chain to the water's surface.

Since, at that point, our anchor holds their chain tightly, we secure their chain to our mooring cleat with a line and then release our anchor.

Navigating Differences Gracefully

In conclusion, it's crucial not to let such issues disrupt the tranquility of our holidays.

We strive to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and avoid engaging in disputes.

Remember, discrepancies can be resolved at local harbormasters, allowing us to focus on enjoying our well-deserved breaks.