Yacht’s interior

For those who have yet to experience the magic of sailing, imagine a sailboat as a seaside caravan, offering everything a group of people needs for a vacation, albeit in limited space.

Boat layout


There are one or more (depending on the size of the vessel) cabins [1], each equipped with a double bed, a wardrobe for clothes, ceiling lights, and USB charging outlets for mobile devices.


A galley [3] featuring gas stoves and an oven for meal preparation, a refrigerator, cabinets for dishes, glasses, pots, and drawers stocked with utensils, much like the kitchen in our homes.

Crew Lounge

A cozy space for the crew to relax and socialize, fostering camaraderie among those on board.

It is crucial to prevent bleeding, especially when dealing with injuries to an artery.

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Step inside and explore from within.

Captain's Quarters

A captain's desk, adorned with navigational instruments, charts, and maps essential for guiding the vessel through the open sea.

This space also houses a VHF radio, a crucial tool for providing assistance in case of immediate emergencies, ensuring seamless communication with maritime authorities or nearby vessels.

The combination of navigation aids and emergency communication equipment makes the chart table a central hub for the captain, ensuring both the smooth operation of the boat and the safety of everyone on board.


marine toiletsFacilities include toilets, sinks, and showers [2], ensuring comfort and hygiene on the high seas.

In most cases, the nautical toilets are electric, and in the case of manual toilets, the skipper will provide instructions on usage.

Familiarize yourself with the operation of these facilities for a seamless and comfortable sailing experience.

Storage Spaces

Dedicated areas for storing safety equipment such as life jackets, tools for any unforeseen situations, and a comprehensive First Aid kit to address health concerns during the voyage.

Boat's interior

Smooth sailing awaits

Every inch of space is carefully designed to provide comfort and luxury, transforming the sailboat into a floating haven for unforgettable experiences.

So, embark on this maritime journey, where the rhythmic dance of the waves becomes your soundtrack, and the vast sea becomes your playground.