Crew roles


During a week at sea, everyone will have their jobs.

The skipper who is listed with us will have ultimate responsibility for the vessel.

Sometimes the skipper will appoint someone else with experience of sailing as a Mate to help with the navigation and perhaps stand watch while the skipper is asleep.

Cooking can be rotated through the crew. The cook will normally go ashore to buy the food for the next day or so.

Keeping the boat clean is one of those jobs that can also be rotated.

During the day’s sailing people will rotate the roles of steering the boat, handling the lines and even changing the sails. Everyone enjoys that bit!

However the cook for the day will sometimes make tea and coffee for everyone - this depends on how tight a ship the skipper wants it to be!

The skipper should also plan ahead as to who does what when coming into a marina - someone at the wheel, someone at the bow with the mooring line and someone at the stern doing the same.