Yacht Charter Greece

Yacht Charter Greece

This guide covers all the issues related to sailing holidays in Greece and answers any yacht charter Greece questions you may have.


Life on board is a unique experience as you come into direct contact with the elements of nature and its animals.

One of the greatest pleasures of spending time at sea is meeting dolphins, sea turtles, seagulls resting along the course of your boat.

Chartering a boat with your friends or family (either through the owner or a broker) is perhaps the best way to enjoy yacht charter Greece.


Sailing trip in Greece


Let’s dive right in…



This is the crucial first question to answer when planning a sailing vacation.
The overwhelming majority of chartering relates to sailing boats, for the following reasons:


  • They are much safer than any other type of watercraft because of their low center of gravity.
  • The rental price is much lower.
  • Fuel costs an insignificant amount (sailing boats travel mainly with the wind).
  • Cruising is more fun when the engine switches off, and the only thing you hear is the sound of the flapping water!
  • They are much faster, so they cover long distances efficiently.
  • The cost of cruising is much more expensive.
  • The rental price is higher due to the need for a crew.


sailboat vs motorboat




Monohull vs Catamaran, in space


When planning your first sailing holiday, you will surely stumble upon the dilemma:

sailing on a boat with a single hull (aka monohull) or two? (aka catamaran)?

Let's take a look at the two cases separately so you know what you're up against.


Monohull pros and cons

Boating with a monohull has a more sporty vibe to it and takes a more experienced captain to sail.

When using the sails, monohulls move tilted on one side, while the keel (bottom of the boat), reaches at least 1.5m below the surface of the water and weighs over (or way over) 2 tons.

They outperform fare preferences (58% of total reservations) because they offer a more effective way of sailing and are cheaper to rent and dock.

Average monohull charter price = 480 € / day

  • Monohulls sail smoothly, providing relative stability unlike other boats.
  • The heavy keel of this type of boat increases safety when sailing, making monohulls virtually unsinkable, even in extreme weather conditions!
  • They are rented at much lower prices than catamarans.
  • It is difficult to move around the deck or inside when sailing with the sails open.
  • Taking into account the height of the keel, it is dangerous to access shallow waters.

Catamaran pros and cons

Catamarans certainly appear more luxurious than monohulls, and their main feature is, in fact, their large spaces.

A large living room, a comfortable kitchen and dining area, and at least 4 spacious cabins with private bathrooms, are usually what the inside of a catamaran looks like.

Outside, extra space is available for sunbathing with an elevated, spacious cockpit.

Another large seating space is also featured at the boat's stern.

Sailing on a catamaran (42% of total reservations), is preferred for the luxury feel, and comfortable spaces (main salon, galley, and cockpit) where you move comfortably and safely even when the water is choppy.

Also, the cats are maneuvered with incredible ease in confined spaces

Sailing on a catamaran charter price = 920 € / day (average)

  • The catamaran's large spaces can accommodate more people onboard
  • The boat's small draft allows for access to almost any beach
  • In cruising, it is 25-30% faster than monohulls.
  • In case of limited space at the port, they maneuver incredibly easily.
    So much so that they can rotate immovably, around their axis.
  • Having two hulls float on wavy water can make the trip a bit uncomfortable, especially when you are high up in the cockpit.
  • They consume more fuel, since they have 2 engines.
  • With more expensive construction and equipment, their rent prices are higher than monohulls'
  • Mooring fees are higher

Catamaran vs monohull seasickness

Nausea has to do with the physiology of each person and if you have a predisposition or if you are sensitive to sea motion you may encounter a problem regardless of the type of the boat, but perhaps less so in a catamaran.

Which is safer: catamaran or monohull?

Both types of boats are extremely safe.

In the very unlikely scenario of an overthrow at sea, however, the monohull wins.

Whatever happens, the monohull will quickly return to its original equilibrium position due to its low weight.


monohull vs catamaran


Here's an article you can read before making your final decision in choosing a monohull vs catamaran.



Chartering a boat is perfect for groups that love the sea, traveling, and sports.
The most important rule of success on a sailing vacation is COHERENCE among people in the company.

yacht charter sailor's profile

Crew members will be sharing the same space for a few days, so they need to agree on everything (choice of destinations, food, activities, fun, etc.).

From our data, the profiles of the groups on a sailing vacation are (on average) the following:

  • Groups of 6 friends, on average, 28 years old.
    At 38%, these groups opt for holidays in the Aegean and, in particular, the Cyclades islands.
  • Couples that are on average age 36 years.
  • Families, on average, two couples, accompanying 2 to 3 children.
    Their preferred destinations are 51% the Ionian sea and 33% the Saronic Gulf, where the waters are quieter.
  • Large groups of people choosing "flotilla" vacations.


What is a flotilla

When the group is large enough, members rent a number of boats (5 or 6 people on each boat) and travel together like a small fleet.

On the flotillas, one of the team boats leads the rest in terms of route planning, weather monitoring, etc. and other safety issues.
This way, the primary concern of the crews of the other boats is only fun!


Flotilla yacht charter



The sailing world has been identified as luxurious and upscale, although this is only a misunderstanding.

Everyone can enjoy a weekly sailing vacation without breaking the bank.



   The cost of a sailing holiday is influenced by many factors, such as:

  • The type of boat you wish to charter (monohull or catamaran). Catamarans are always more expensive.
  • Size of the boat.
  • Age of the boat.
  • Rental period.

The cost of renting a boat is (on average) € 60 per person per day and goes up to € 110 per person per day in the case of catamarans.

Let's see how much boats cost, starting with the:


Renting a catamaran will cost more.
The average daily cost in CAT is 920 € / day, while in Monohull, it is about half: 480 € / day.

charter price by type of yacht


Let's look at two examples, renting a monohull and a catamaran, in the form of "bareboat charter":



Monohull Capacity & Charge per person


  • JULY ("B" Period)

Renting a Beneteau Oceanis 38 (for six people), the last week of July, costs € 2,400 / week and corresponds to € 400 per person, per week.



Catamaran capacity & cost per person


  • JULY ("B" Period):

Renting a BALI 41 (for eight people), costs € 6250 / week, and corresponds to € 781 per person, per week.



The price of renting larger boats is higher.
Larger boats have more cabins, more toilets and accommodate more people.


Charter prices by boat length




The price of yachts generally drops the older they get.



The fare per boat is always lower during PERIOD "D" (before 27 Apr & after 26 Oct) and almost doubles during PERIOD "A" (27 Jul - 17 Aug)

Benneteau Oceanis 38 charter price



Naturally, the need for extra services raises the cost of the boat, such us:

  • Skipper
  • Hostess
  • Mobile internet
  • Rail (safety) net, junior life jackets
  • Outboard
  • Stand up paddle (SUP)
  • Air condition


• Do you need a license to drive a boat?

Yes, you do!
If your group does not include two licensed sailors, you will need the support of a professional skipper on a boat, and the cost will increase by € 150 per day.

The services of a skipper on a boat will increase the above amount by approximately € 170 per person.


• Sailing Cost-Effectively, Vacation Tip:

• We form a group of 6 people, 2 of whom are licensed to operate a sailing boat ("bareboat" type of rental).
• We choose a monohull boat, at least five years old.
• We avoid renting during the high season when demand rises and prices double.


4a.Yacht charter HOT DEALS

Yacht charter offers

But you can bring the cost of your sailing vacations even lower, as long as you keep an eye out for deals and offers.
Such cases where boat rental prices dip are the following:

One Way offers: This is the combination of a holiday with a boat transfer to a destination.
For example, you take the boat to Lefkada Greece and deliver it to Corfu 1 week later.

Last minute: You can take advantage of the chartering of boats just canceled by others.

If you want to be the first to know about Hot Deals, you can register your email in our mailing list (see in the right side of this page).



The most popular Greek islands for unforgettable sailing holidays are: Corfu, Lefkada, Ithaca in the Ionian Sea, or Skiathos, and Skopelos in the Sporades --both areas with low winds, easy for sailing, and ideal for island hopping.

Experienced sailors choose Mykonos, Syros, Ios, and Santorini in the Cyclades or Kos, and Rhodes in the Dodecanese.

Best Greek Islands



The fantastic thing about the Greek islands is that each has its character and is unlike any other.

Surely you heard about Odysseus' journey to Ithaca at school or seen the Venus of Milos at the Louvre Museum.

Perhaps you have heard the famous Zorbas song and maybe "visited" Kephalonia through the movie "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" or Skiathos with "Mama mia movie"

Indeed the names Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Milos are not unknown to you, are they?

We have prepared a brief presentation of the leading Greek destinations for you to help you choose the one that suits you best.


Ionian Sea

Ionian Islands map

Zakynthos, Ionian sea


We are talking about the sea the engulfs the west of Greece, which has the following characteristics:

  • Turquoise waters and small green islets, coated with shrubby vegetation.
  • Easy sailing due to the mild winds.
  • Architecture, Music, and Cuisine: Italian influences


Find out more on the Ionian sea page.
Forward your questions about Ionian yacht charter, at KAVAS YACHTING, Lefkada Base.


Saronic Gulf (Athens)

Saronic gulf map


The Saronic Gulf is practically Athen’s maritime haven.



  • Blue-green waters and islets coated with pines.
  • Easy sailing due to the mild winds.

Find out more on the Saronic Islands page.

Ask information about Saronic yacht charter, at KAVAS YACHTING Alimos Base (Headquarters).


Cyclades islands (Central Aegean sea)

Cyclades islands map


One of the most popular destinations in the world, islands that can satisfy all kinds of visitors at the same time:

  • Luxury,
  • Tranquility,
  • Water sports,
  • History,
  • Taste,
  • Relaxation,
  • Culture and even a
  • Vibrant nightlife.


The risky meltemi wind will pressure sailors in this area.

If you are the captain, think twice before booking a Cyclades islands boat.

Many find it difficult to reach a harbor with winds of 5 Bft without damage.


Kythnos, Cyclades


Information on the Cyclades Islands can be found on the Cyclades islands page.

Cyclades islands Features:

  • Deep blue waters and rocky islets, not mainly green and sometimes barren.
  • Sailing here requires relevant experience and skills due to the strong winds (Meltemi wind) that blow daily, only during the summer months.
  • From the architectural point of view, the Cycladic settlements consist of cubic white buildings and windows in all shades of blue.


After all, who has not caught a glimpse of the pictures of Santorini with the domes of the churches rising above the blue Aegean waters?

If you are interested in booking a boat in the Cyclades islands area, contact KAVAS YACHTING Alimos Base (Headquarters).


Dodecanese islands (SE Aegean sea)

Dodekanese islands map


Beautiful islands with a rich history, medieval castles, and Eastern flavors.


Kos, Dodecanese


Rhodes island, the island of the Knights, Patmos where John wrote the Apocalypse, Kos home of Hippocrates and many more less familiar consist this group of islands.

You can find information on our Dodecanese page.


  • Deep blue waters and islets, perfectly suitable for quiet vacations.
  • Sailing here, southeast of the Cyclades requires experience, as we mentioned earlier, because of Meltemi winds.

If you are interested in booking a boat in this area, contact KAVAS YACHTING, Kos Base.



In Greece, all ports are controlled by the services of local Municipalities.
Usually, a municipal employee will ask you how many days you plan to stay so as to collect the corresponding fees.

In case there is a port charge for an overnight stay, the amount will depend on:

- The size (length) of the boat. Try to avoid side mooring because (although not always) the cost increases by 25%.
- The boat category: Charge for catamarans is a bit higher because they take up more space.

Note that the infrastructure and quality of services of Public ports are not the same everywhere.

Mooring, Messologhi


Port Facilities

  • Water: In all ports, through automatic meters or water tanks.
  • Electricity: Not in all ports. Where electricity is offered, it can usually be obtained through automatic meters with the purchase of a special card.
  • Fuel: In all ports, with fuel tank.
In general, mooring fees are dramatically lower than the competitors' (Croatia, Italy, France, Spain).

Mooring charges for public Greek ports and supplies

  • The mooring of a boat about 44ft, is charged € 2.8 per day.
  • The supply of 200 liters of water costs € 3.
  • The supply of 2kw electricity costs € 3.
  • In some popular ports, though not all, such as Mykonos or Syros, the 1st day is charged approximately € 13 and includes 200 liters of water and 2kw electricity.
    In the following days, the price drops to the standard € 2.8 per day, so (for the following days) only the stay is charged.
  • The above prices refer to stern mooring.
    The side mooring (if you are allowed) is charged with + 25% extra.
  • The more organized the infrastructure you come across, the higher the charges mentioned above will be.
    But keep in mind, the fewer the benefits offered, the more gracious and friendly the behavior you will encounter, so much so that you might be surprised with what you get. Even moor for free!


Greek ports facilities

An important detail is that, as a rule, in front of the docked boats, there are usually cafes and restaurants that offer coffee, food, and, most importantly, have free WiFi and a WC.


How much does a marina berth cost

For those of you who make comfort a priority, the overnight cost is around EUR 50 per day.

Although Greek marinas are very few, they are among the best in the Mediterranean.

There you can find:

  • Super Market,
  • Restaurant,
  • Playground
  • Cafe
  • Shower, WC
  • Electricity (onboard), and
  • Car Parking (in case you rent a car).



Anchorage, Hydra, Saronic

It is quite a powerful experience, spending the night in a windless bay and dining under the stars with the music you love.

A morning swim in the turquoise waters will help you enjoy your breakfast and start another beautiful day.

The Greek islands are many, and the ideal places to anchor are even more!

If you find the perfect place and decide to stay for a swim or spend the night, choose to anchor around other nearby boats.



How much fuel will a sailboat need for our vacation?

The answer is, not a lot.

See in the example below, three different holiday scenarios with a 40ft monohull boat, using 100% engine power, without the use of sails!

Sailing itinerary fuel cost per person

Starting your holiday, you'll get the fuel tank full and you will need to deliver the tank full as well upon return.

The same obligation does not apply for water: you'll get the water tank full, but you do not have to deliver it full.

Note: It goes without saying that the bigger the boat, the bigger the consumption.



During your holidays in the Greek Islands, you will have the opportunity to try the so-called Mediterranean diet (unless you cook on board daily).

Greek salad

Ready to explore the vibrant culture of Greece through its delicious cuisine?

For those who want a taste of the place they visit, let us recommend a few Greek dishes:

  • Greek salad (easily prepared onboard).
  • Stuffed vegetables (gemista), moussaka, pastiche, or roasted sardine (which will taste better at a tavern).

The mediterranean diet consists of the following:

  • 100% pure olive oil in salads and for cooking.
  • Fresh fish (not fried), lean meat, and dairy products.
  • Fruits, vegetables and some red wine.

This diet is appears to be healthy and contribute to longevity.



Swimming, sunbathing, eating, reading, and relaxing in the Greek seas sounds amazing.
But how do you spend the rest of the day in the Greek islands?

Here are some ideas ...


• Explore the city

island's cities

Explore the island's city by strolling through the narrow cobblestone streets next to the flowered courtyards.
If your alley leads to a square, sit down and order coffee and a sweet, or seafood and a glass of ouzo.

Enough rest? Browse around the tourist shops and discover the local products.
If you get lost, seek help from anyone passing. Almost all Greeks speak English.


• Ancient Greek Theater

Cultural sailing

Every summer, at the Greek Ancient Theaters, the works of the famous Sophocles, Aristotle, Aeschylus, etc. are revived.


• Open Air cinema

You will find one or more summer cinemas on almost every Greek island.

Open air cinema, Greece

As a rule, we do not compile films into the local language, so you will not have trouble watching them.

The screening of the film begins at 9 pm when the darkness has fallen.

It’s a good idea to dine a little earlier, watch the movie and then go out for a drink.


• Visits to Winery

Winery visit

It would be quite an experience to visit one of the many Greek Wineries scattered on our islands as small production units.

The wineries usually offer local cheeses and cold cuts at tastings.


• Nightlife

Pubs and clubs where you can have a drink, dance, and enjoy the night can be found all over the islands.
Note also that in recent years, domestic breweries with exciting quality flavors have been developed around the Greek islands.

• Festivals

Greek islands festivals

Feasts and festivals are typical of the Greek summer.

The character of these events can be either cultural or religious.

If your visit coincides with such an event, you are likely to see locals perform traditional dances  in costumes, taste local delicacies and wine, or catch a concert by a famous Greek artist, among other surprises.



You should bring with you the essentials.

  • Clothes: Because you will spend most of your time on the boat wearing a swimsuit, do not bring many clothes.
    The average temperature of the Greek summer is 29° C and the evening temperature is 22° C.
  • Shoes: 1 pair for walking around the deck, and 1 pair of sandals or flip flops.
  • Gadgets: mobile, cables/charger, power bank, toiletries.
  • Sunglasses and hats.
  • Any medicines: Everything you use in your daily life.
    It’s a good idea to include some nausea medication in case you or any of your friends get dizzy.



Kavas started KAVAS YACHTING in 1985 and has since grown his fleet to 56 monohulls and luxury catamarans out of three bases, the following:

This is an actual family business with the second generation Kavas' family now running the day to day business of the Greek charter company.

Unlike many charter companies, our boats are wholly owned by the family, and you can be assured of the high quality and maintenance of the vessels at our bases on the Saronic Gulf, Aegean and Ionian seas.

Do drop by our website and Facebook page to see our insane special offers - book early as they get snapped up very quickly!

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