Sailing in Sporades


A complex of 19 islands, of which only 4 are habitable and 3 of are of international renown: Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

The islands are covered in pine forests for the most part, as well as olive trees, citrus and vines.

Their (organized) beaches are enchanting, with shallow crystal clear waters, and fine sand.


In Sporades, you have the amazing opportunity to swim, dive, and observe the wildlife of the Alonissos Marine Park (area 2220 km2).

You will definitely see dolphins and if you are lucky you might spot the monachus-monachus seal or the humpback whale.


If you love sports, you will have a great time. On most beaches you can rent canoes and jet skis.

If you find the idea of ​​horseback riding interesting, you will have the opportunity for a ride in the woods.

On the islands there are several trails where you can hike, up to 40km long, of all difficulty levels.

You can even search for programs on Tripadvisor that provide a guide and maybe some team support.

The road network of the islands is mediocre: The roads leading to beaches are paved, two-way.
A great idea would be to explore the islands by renting a car.


The island of Skiathos is the most popular of the Sporades.

Due to the fact that young people prefer it, you will find a rich nightlife with bars, pubs and taverns.


The capital of the Sporades. Quieter and more family-friendly than Skiathos and with wonderful beaches covered in green.

Its port is the best in the Sporades.


An island ornament for the elite.

Romantic island with beautiful beaches, fine dining and sports.

We suggest you visit the underwater museum of Alonissos!

Sailing Information


The Sporades are suitable for family sailing. In the summer months the winds blow with a speed of 3-4 bft from the North.

Sailing holidays will be safer if you make sure you have information from the appropriate sailing applications on your mobile.

Mooring facilities

The main reason that sailors prefer the Sporades, is not the comfort of mooring.
It is the charm of an earthly paradise that pulsates with (sea) life and a pine forest that ends at the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

The port of Skiathos will offer you the basics and the same can be said for the port of Skopelos.
In Alonissos there is no boat accommodation infrastructure.

Be sure however that the mooring opportunities around the islands are beyond all expectations!

Sailing in Sporades Places