Yacht charter Lefkas

Yacht charter Lefkada

Lefkada (or Lefkas) marina, Kavas Yachting Base

Our Lefkada Island yachts base is situated at Lefkas marina, one of the most modern of its kind for yacht charter in Greece, with a capacity of 620 boats. Lefkas marina is right inside Lefkas town, on the eastern side of the island.

Lefkada island can be considered the extension of mainland Greece, from which it is separated by a 50-metre sliding bridge!

Helpful staff

We have manned our Lefkas Base with experienced and very friendly personnel. Our Lefkas Base Manager, mr. Minas Papathomas, always makes sure that every client feels at home while being a guest of Kavas Yachting.

Our experienced personnel will help you embark your yacht, show you around it, as well as make sure you feel comfortable in it and you have everything you need.


This base serves the whole Ionian islands area. Lefkada island is an ideal starting point for sailing vacations to the Ionian Sea, especially for visiting Paxos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Ithaca.

There are 10 of our own yachts which we have stationed at our Lefkada marina base (length 30'-50').

When you return from your sailing holiday, we will be there to welcome you back, listen to any comments you wish to make and do our best for a best possible farewell!