Bareboat Yacht Charters

What is Bareboat Yacht Charter?

Imagine you're the captain of your own ship, steering it across the open seas with just your friends or family.

That's what bareboat yacht charter is all about.

"Bareboat" means you get the boat by itself, without a crew or a skipper telling you where to go.

It's like renting a car but, in this case, it's a boat.

Think of it like this:
the term "bareboat" suggests that you're getting the boat bare or empty, without all the extra people.

bareboat charter crew

It's just you, your crew, and the boat, sailing wherever you want to go.
You're like the boss of your own sailing adventure, making all the decisions about where to sail, when to anchor, and what to explore.

It's the freedom to chart your own course on the water!

But the decision to choose or avoid bareboat chartering varies among individuals based on their preferences and comfort levels.


  • Freedom and Autonomy: Renters enjoy complete freedom to choose their destination, itinerary, and travel schedule without relying on a crew.
  • Privacy: Bareboat chartering provides a private and intimate experience as individuals or groups have the entire vessel to themselves.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility to set one's own pace and explore various locations at leisure is a significant advantage.
  • Cost Control: Renting a bareboat can be cost-effective, especially for those with sailing experience, as it eliminates crew-related expenses.
  • Skill Enhancement: Skippers enhance their sailing proficiency through hands-on experience in navigation, seamanship, and boat handling, fostering a deeper understanding of the sea.
  • Boosted Confidence: Managing the vessel independently during a bareboat charter builds the skipper's self-assurance, providing a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.



  • Skill and Experience Required: Operating a boat demands a certain level of sailing expertise and experience, which may be a challenge for some.
  • Responsibility: Bareboat renters assume full responsibility for the vessel's navigation, safety, and maintenance, adding a layer of responsibility compared to crewed charters.
  • Limited Assistance: In case of technical issues or emergencies, bareboat renters may not have immediate access to professional assistance, unlike crewed charters.
  • Potential Stress: Planning and managing the entire sailing experience can be stressful for those who prefer a more relaxed, hands-off vacation.

What is required to bareboat charter?

Typically, anyone with the necessary qualifications and experience can rent a bareboat sailboat.

Here are some general criteria:

  1. SAILING CERTIFICATION: It's important to note that the specific requirements to charter a bareboat, can vary between charter companies and countries.
    To Charter a boat in Greece, at least one member of the crew must hold a sailing license from a recognized sailing school.
    This requirement ensures a certain level of sailing competency and safety during the bareboat charter.
  2. EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Even if you don't have a formal certification, some companies may accept extensive sailing experience as an alternative.
    They often ask for a detailed boating resume or log that outlines your previous sailing experiences.Of course, you should have a good understanding of basic navigation skills, including reading charts, using navigation instruments, and understanding buoyage.
  3. You must always carry onboard your CHARTER CONTRACT.
  4. A CREW LIST should always be at the disposal of local port-police authorities, if you are asked to provide them one during your holidays.

Greek laws require that you have on board a second crew member with sailing experience

Failure to comply with these regulations could end up in a very unpleasant situation


You will need to leave a refundable deposit to cover any loss or damage during the trip, that is not covered by the vessel's insurance.
The amount of this deposit varies with size and value of the yacht and it may be paid in cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER) prior to embarkation.


You will be asked:

  • to sign a charter contract (in several copies) upon booking, and upon your embarkation.
  • to present your passports to the company.

Bareboat charter tips

To assist those planning to charter a bareboat, it's crucial to remind them that the designated "skipper" within the group will assume responsibility for both the vessel and the crew.

Ensuring safety is paramount, with:

  • a focus on preventing injuries,
  • avoiding persons overboard, and
  • preventing any damage to the boat.

Before embarking on the planned itinerary, the skipper should conduct a thorough walkthrough of the vessel, familiarizing the crew with its layout and safety features.
Most importantly, roles and responsibilities should be clearly assigned to each crew member.

In our article "50 Bareboat Charter Tips", we provide detailed guidance on what to pay attention to during the charter.

It's essential for everyone to read it attentively.

Taking these precautions and assigning roles before setting sail contributes to a smoother and safer bareboat charter experience for all involved.


Bareboat holiday insurance

Most of the charter sailboats are insured against third party for damages or personal accidents up to half a million Euros.

For your own safety though, which is not covered from the above condition, we highly recommend that you take out an appropriate holiday insurance.

Feel free to contact us for any question or enquiry you might have related to your next bareboat charter.

Boat Delivery and Check-In

Normally the bareboat contract starts late in the afternoon, at 17:00 hrs and ends at 09:00 hrs.

This gives the base crew sufficient time to service, maintain and clean the yacht between two charters.

If you arrive early and your vessel is not ready to be handed over to you, the best thing to do is to ask us to look after your luggage, give you an approximate time when the yacht will be ready, so that you can occupy your time to your advantage - shopping, swimming or sightseeing.

After the completion of the necessary paperwork you will be shown to your yacht, which, by then, will be full of diesel and water and have been cleaned.

Bareboat charter check-in

The skipper and his first mate will then go through the check-in with a member of the base crew.

We will help you check the boat's inventory with the aid of an inventory list, and go through the details of the engine, electrics, sails and deck equipment.

This should take about one hour.

TIP: Try not to rush this procedure in an attempt to set sail as quickly as possible, as it is important that you ask questions about anything you do not clearly understand.
A thorough check-in will ensure an enjoyable and safe sailing trip.

Booking and Payment procedures

Placing an “Option"When you choose your desired vessel and the requested dates you are entitled to request an "option" for the boat.

This is a time given to you to arrange the flights, etc, before you make any payment. Usually an option is held on a particular boat for a maximum of seven days, but if you find yourself running out of time then talk to our charter department and request an extension.

During this period Kavas Yachting reserves that boat for you and accepts no other bookings for it.

Advance Payment

In order to complete the booking we will require an advanced payment that amounts to 50% of the charter fee.

The advance payment applies to the basic charter fee only and NOT any skipper's fees, outboard motor, end cleaning, etc.
You can pay those in cash upon embarkation.

Balance Payment

In order to finalise the bareboat booking balance payments (the other half of the charter fee) will be called for at any time ranging from one month before embarkation to the day of embarkation itself.

Just like in the case of the advance payment, the balance payment will not include the extras, which you are always entitled to pay upon embarkation.

Travel insurance

We understand that travelling is what you enjoy and that the last thing you want to do is spend more time or money than you need on travel insurance.

Yet, although it is not obligatory, we highly recommend that you take an appropriate travel insurance as soon as you book your bareboat holidays.

This way you will protect your money in case of a cancellation, as well as the costs occurring from a medical treatment for injury or illness during your sailing holidays.

Gear to bring with you

Finally, here is a good post regarding the gear you will need to bring with you:

Gear you should have when sailing

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