Sailing Saronic Gulf


The closest islands to the Attica peninsula are Salamis (1.3 NM), commemorated in Greek history for the victorious naval battle against Xerxes, and Aegina (20 NM).

The island of Aegina, known for its tasty peanuts, offers Athenians precious weekend geataway destinations at any time of the year, such as the isalnd’s white-washed capital of the same name, or the nearby fishing villages of Perdika and Aghia Marina.

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Agistri island - Saronic

Another gem of the Saronic, can be found at the center of the gulf, on your way to Epidavros in the Peloponnese.

Although the island’s population declines sharply after the summer, it hardly loses any of its charm.

The view is always at hand, the seafood always fresh, and the ouzo 100% Greek!


Poros island Canal - Saronic

Moving southwest, you will pass through Poros, where you can enjoy the Greek cuisine, an overnight stay under the Mediterranean stars, or just a refreshing swim.


Hydra island - Saronic

Along the same path, you will find the cosmopolitan island of Hydra, a "car-free island", probably the most visited of the Saronic Gulf. In the distance of the beautiful harbor, you will find yourself strolling around the narrow and winding alleys, where you will discover many traditional taverns with great food and wine, a lot of bars, as well as an impeccable view of the harbor to admire.

Next to Hydra, Dokos, a small, uninhabited island famous for what is probably the most ancient shipwreck, can offer ideal mooring for an overnight stay.


Spetses island - Saronic

A little further down the path, at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf of the Peloponnese, you will find the historical island of Spetses that played a decisive role in the revolution during the 19th century Grecoturkish war.

Spetses is undoubtedly a beautiful island that can offer quality vacations especially to those traveling with family.

All the islands of the Saronic gulf are connected by small taxi-boats which you can easily spot carrying a dozen passengers to and from nearby islands or the mainland of the Peloponnese.


The five major islands of the Saronic, Salamis, Aegina, Hydra and Spetses, were first inhabited around 3500 BC as archaeological evidence shows.

The centuries that followed were hardly peaceful for these islands, as continental city-states like Athens, were constantly trying to claim them from rival cities to which they belonged. Like the rest of Greece, the Saronic islands bowed to the Romans upon their arrival as conquerors.

They were then followed by the Franks, the Catalans and the Venetians, while pirates ransacked the site, and even used Aegina as their base in 1100 AD. The Ottoman conquerors remained on the Saronic islands from 1540 until 1821, and in 1827 Aegina was designated as the first capital of the liberated and autonomous Greek state.

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Aegina Fistiki Fest

A fistiki (pistachio) traid fair which takes place in the Aegina island every autumn, attracting around 22000 visitors. The next Fistiki Fest 2019 is arranged for the Sep. 13th to Sep. 16th 2018

Armata Spetses' Festival

Spetses Island has become popular for the "Armata" Festival that is celebrated every September. It marks the battle that took place in these straits between the islanders and Kosta during the 1821 revolution. Local boat builders start their work early in August every year and construct a huge wooden boat that is used in the form of an effigy of an ancient Turkish boat.

Sailing Information

Some of the anchorages are challenging and others are extremely busy (so an early afternoon arrival may be necessary), while others are some of the best in Europe. You will find favourable conditions for sailing as winds range between 2bft - 4bft for your voyage. You are likely to experience higher waves only when the winds blow from the South. Sailors love to stop over at Hydra when they start sailing from the marina at Athens. Sailors abound in its cafes and bars.

Aegina is also popular for those orange cupola hues at its harbour. Many catamarans and hydrofoils berth generally on its quay within the harbour’s entrance. The marina at Spetses offers a great sight of mingling of both super and standard yachts.

Island hopping

What could be more fun than island hopping at your own pace? While you are not restricted to the ferries itineraries and public transport, you can freely manage your own schedule. The trip between the various Saronic gulf's destinations might be a few hours long, but being able to set sail at your own leisure is priceless.

Island hopping around the Saronic gulf is one of the best ways visitors choose to spend a week in Greece, as the tour can cover every taste: Aegina for its laid-back atmosphere, Agistri for the camping, Hydra for its night-life, Poros for the delicious seafood, Spetses for the history & culture, and a dozen more islets to explore and to swim among, under the Mediterranean sun!

Sailing Saronic Gulf Places

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Hydra Sailing Holidays

Although the marina is relatively small, there is always a way to tether your boat. Cars, bikes are not allowed so the area can be as quiet and as eco-friendly as possible.

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Spetses Sailing Holidays

The island will charm you from the very start as it will take you back to a different era. The beaches of Spetses are very spectacular even if their beauty is quite similar.

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Agistri Sailing Holidays

This small and vividly green island neighboring Athens, is the prefect escape for sailors who wish to swim in crystal blue waters, enjoy a plate of seafood and some ouzo by the sea.

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Palaia Epidavros

Palaia Epidavros Sailing Holidays

A fantastic and quite famous destination for the weekend getaway of Athens sailors and beyond! Various theatrical and musical events, take place every summer at its small theater.

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Poros Sailing Holidays

This island, that seems like a well kept secret of the Greek seas, is a stop you must absolutely make during your Saronic Gulf yachting charter expedition!


Starting Area

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