The Island

At the entrance of the Argolikos gulf, the verdant paradise that is Spetses, emerges from the sea.

 The island will charm you from the very start as it will take you back to a different era. Its beautiful beaches, harbors, and nature will give you a breathtaking experience as you will venture through its old streets.

With a yachting charter expedition you will be able to explore the island's blue waters and gain a delightful and unforgettable experience from it!

While only a small part of the island is overtaken by the town, the rest of Spetses is covered in verdure, filled with tall pine trees and bushes.

Its old houses and streets are very much inspired by the traditional Peloponnese architecture that has been around since the 1800s.

As you walk through its narrow cobblestone streets you will find yourself drifting into the town’s artistic beauty that will definitely leave a mark of beautiful and unforgettable memories in you.

Your wallet won’t suffer big damages during your visit in Spetses as the island has a relatively low average cost of living with a meal for two costing about 50 euros at a local tavern or, if you’re on a tight budget, 7 euros for 2 pitas with the infamous Greek gyro and a beverage.

A ride with a taxi will cost you about 3 euros per kilometer, while shopping for your essentials at a local supermarket will not cost you more than 25 euros including groceries and perhaps some toiletries.

All in all, you don’t have to stress at all since it can be very budget friendly for everybody!

Spas, bars and local events are scattered across the island, open and ready to service you so you never forget about the luxury, fun and bliss that this island will provide you!


Baltiza, the Old Port with its bright lighthouse, is placed at the south-east of the island’s town and has very easy access to hotels, cafeterias, restaurants etc.

Inside of it fit: private yachts, large yachts, mini cruisers and more. The marina permeates 55m into the Baltiza bay, having a draught of 7m where yachts anchor and passengers are transferred to the picturesque old harbor that has a draught of 5m via small boats.

The port is secure from high winds and it also provides five small piers for passengers’ convenience. The more recent and artificial port of Dapia, provides tourist boats, cargo ships, sea taxis, and passenger ships arriving from Piraeus with two piers, with an inner draught of 3m and an outer draught of 6.5m.

The port of Dapia can be a little trickier for sailboats as it is unprotected by the winds that are usually around 5 Beaufort. 



The beaches of Spetses are very spectacular even if their beauty is quite similar.

Most of them are covered in sand but if you have a distaste for sandy towels, pebbled beaches can also be found anywhere. If you want to have a more luxurious break while there you can visit Kaiki. A wonderful place with an aesthetically pleasing beach bar that will surely fulfill your paradise island vacation dreams.

Feeling adventurous and in the mood for taking lots of pictures? Don’t miss out on a visit at the mystical cave that is located in Aghii Anargiri, which will undoubtedly give you an unreal and magical experience!

But if all you really want is just to sit back and relax at a classic Greek beach, Aghia Marina and Aghia Paraskevi have the simplistic beauty that no others have and will be absolutely perfect for you.

In addition all beaches are safe for small children and fairly accessible.

Settlements & Places


 Amongst all the available beaches for yachting, Zogeria is definitely the best option for anchoring.

Its sapphire waters are incredibly smooth and are rarely disturbed by any winds.

The beach is filled with pine trees and is perfect for staying overnight and having a joyful camping experience!

Watching the golden sunset and all the colors of the sky mirrored on its crystal clear waters, will be a blissful and unforgettable experience for anyone who passes by Zogeria.


Located in the south-east, Kouzounos is a deserted little island that is perfect for leaving all social interactions and night outs behind and treating yourself with some private time either alone or in the company of friends.

Its clear turquoise waters are just right for swimming and diving. It is also the perfect place to anchor and have a romantic date-night!

The moon shining on its waters –making them glimmer– will automatically make you sigh, because Kouzounos is just this beautiful.

Aghia Marina

Agia Marina is one of the most crowded beaches of the island, and yet you cannot miss its beauty.

You can stop by and order some breakfast, lunch or even a cocktail! The music, the people and the drinks exert a friendly, loud and fun environment for everybody. Its teal waters with the hot sun reflecting on them is a visual that will take your breath away. Its old fashioned appearance will surely have you wide-eyed and speechless.

Aghia Marina is definitely an outside glimpse of the true colors that Spetses has.

Aghia Paraskevi

Covered in green and with a rocky bottom, Aghia Paraskevi also has a very simplistic beauty like Aghia Marina but it will give you a completely different mix of impressions.

The beach is one of the most easily accessible ones and it includes a mini bar where you can order coffee, lunch or a drink. Its tall pine trees offer shade to the visitors so they can enjoy the gorgeous sunset that drapes a golden sheet over the ocean and its red sandy rocks.

The combination of rich history, culture, simplicity and colorful sunsets by the beach that Spetses offer, have the power to awaken a calm and delighted side in you that will surely seem priceless.

Spetses is simply gorgeous and we hope that upon your visit there you will agree with us!


Even though the most alluring part of every island is sailing across the waters surrounding it, there are some more activities that are available to you and definitely worth your while!

The Bouboulina’s and Spetses museums are two places that anyone visiting Spetses should stop by. Learning about the history and the contribution of the island’s locals during the Greek war of Independence can be very interesting and quite important for anybody.

But for the more adventurous folk, hiking through the island’s hills, exploring its cobblestone streets through the hand-built houses, or even just going on rides with some absolutely charming horses and ponies, can be entertaining and thrilling!

Traditional ship fire!

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Spetses during the Autumn don’t miss out on the annual custom of Armata, where a mock-up ship that locals had been building all year is lit on fire mid-sea in a spectacular sight that represents the burning of the Turkish flagship during the Greek war of independence.

Church of Aghios Nikolaos

A really important part of Greek culture is the orthodox religion, so stopping by the church of Aghios Nikolaos will give you the chance to explore the depths of the island’s personality and the culture itself.

Local Delicacies

Fishing is often a very popular job across the Argosaronic gulf, so most of the local foods that Spetses serve, consist of:

  • Delicious fried shrimp which is usually seasoned with classic spices and glazed with lemon,
  • Smoked red fish which is also fried and usually paired with cooked potatoes or French fries, also glazed with ladolemono (olive oil and lemon),
  • and let's not forget about the fried octopus and the deliciously prepared kalamaraki (squid) which are a favourite delicacy all on their own.