The Island

One of the Eptanisa islands in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is well-known for its famous beaches, its white soaring cliffs and its turquoise waters.

It is the only island in the west side of Greece that is connected with the mainland by a floating bridge of 50 meters, thus making accessibility to the island easy for visitors.

It is considered a perfect starting point for an Ionian islands sailing yachting expedition, with easy mooring options and sheltered anchorages and the rest of the neighboring islands within arm's reach.

Dotted with small villages and coastal towns, the chill vibes of Lefkada can be felt from its north all the way to its south. The main town is located on its northernmost point and it acts as the gateway to the rest of the island.

Resorts like Nydri and Vassiliki are popular with water-sports fanatics, while the west side hides fascinating beaches and stunning sceneries. Lefkada has a coastline of approximately 117 kilometers and an extra of nine satellite isles, including Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos and Skorpios, the latter being the private island of the Onassis family

Your pocket won't suffer big damages while you're enjoying your time in Lefkada. The cost of living here is average, same with the rest of Greece. Expect to spend about 5 euros for your breakfast, 10 for a traditional main dish in a nice Greek tavern and 20 on your supermarket run for some sunscreen and a bottle of ouzo.

Accommodation is cheaper in September and as for docking costs you can refer to the Lefkada marina website.


Lefkada marina prides itself on being one the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean with unparalleled hospitality and services.

Located just beside the main harbor, sailors can have an easy access to the town of Lefkada and its historical center.

The marina has a mooring capacity of 620 berths for up to 45 meters in length yachts. There are also dry docking facilities for approximately 280 boats. You can hook up to electricity and fresh water or take advantage of the full range of technical services.

Lefkada marina also happens to have a very user-friendly website with booking capabilities! They charge an average fee of 50 euros per day, although sailors can avoid the marina and moor close for free

In Lefkada we operate with a well equipped base (link: Kavas, Lefkada) which serves our clients targeting the Ionian islands.

Other safe anchorages are:


Locates in a 16 km distance from Lefkada town, providing a good all-round shelter to anchor in a muddy bottom of just 4 meters average. In its quay you'll find water, fuel etc.


Can be found 35 km south of Lefkada town. This beautifull village is the paradise of watersports, highly popular place of the European windsurfers. Why is this? because in Vassiliki bay during the summer a wind of 4-6 Bft blows every day, starting at the noon until the afternoon.

East of the bay there is a small shallow port 4-6 m.


Porto Katsiki

Lefkada is proud owner of the most photographed beach in Greece - Porto Katsiki. Words could never do justice to a magnificent sight like this beach, so we urge you to take a look with your own eyes and experience it first hand.


In the south, just east of Vassiliki you can find the coastal town of Sivota, a place famed for its Caribbean-like shores and crystal clear waters.

This coastal town is in a large and sheltered natural bay on the south-east side of the island and is extremely popular with yacht owners. Sivota is host to some of the most magical white sanded beaches, and conveniently enough, a small port that provides safe shelter for your boat.

An array of cafes and tavernas will satisfy your midday hunger and later on you will witness the village come alive as the sun goes down.

Egremni beach

Only accessible by boat after an earthquake, Egremni beach is one of the secluded paradises of the island.


On the other end of the spectrum is Kathisma, one of the most organized beaches in western Greece. Beach bars, umbrellas, hotels and tavernas will provide you with a ton of options and make time fly by.


If you're looking for something low-key, Agiofili may fulfill your needs. Previously only known to locals, Agiofili is a beautiful small beach protected by big rocks on either side, featuring the classic turquoise waters and the coarse white sand.

Mylos beach

Between Kathisma and Aghios Nikitas you'll find the increddile quiet beach called Mylos beach (see prev. image above).
It is accessible from Aghios Nikitas quay: by getting a taxi-dinghy or by walking a small path.

Lefkada's satellite islands

Because of the small distances between Lefkada, the other islands and mainland Greece, the whole east section is weather protected and perfect for sailing! All of the satellite islands lay in the south-east side of Lefkada, the biggest of them being Meganisi and Kalamos.

Meganisi is just one kilometer off the shore of Lefkada, with enclosed anchorages on its east side and amazing secret caves. Papanikolis Cave is the second largest cave in Greece, said to be the hiding place of the submarine Papanikolis during World War II.

In Kalamos you'll find the well known Port-Leone which is an anchorage beside an abandoned village, offering a interesting glimpse into the past.

Lefkada is one of the best choices for a yachting charter expedition, offering the best views with little cost and difficulty. Many yachts start their Ionian islands journey here and it can be ideal for even the novice sailors out there!

Settlements & Places

The town of Lefkada

The administrative center of the island also houses the entirety of its museums and a multitude of restaurants and bars. The town has a unique character that consists of typical narrow pathways that spread throughout the city and buildings that previously suffered earthquakes, now rebuilt with wooden skeletons and colored metal sheets.

A visit to the Archaeological museum should not be skipped, as it features exhibits from excavations that date back to the Paleolithic Era. There is also an interesting museum of Phonographs, as well as an ecclesiastical museum which is housed in the monastery of Faneromeni.


Castle of Aghia Mavra

A 14th century magnificent castle that was built by the count of Orsini who got Lefkada as a gift from the Franks. It's an outstanding example of fortress architecture and still today very well preserved. Numerous of cultural events take place in Aghia Mavra during the summer, giving visitors the opportunity to experience it from within.

Dimossari Waterfalls

Located near the popular town of Nidri and hidden between the green hills are the Waterfalls of Dimossari. Small ponds of icy water cover the base of the waterfalls and the mandatory dive will make a perfect refreshing ending to your hike.

If you love the sounds of nature this is the place for you, as the waterfall sounds paired with the crickets and the rustling of the leaves is an ideal recipe for relaxing.

Local Delicacies

Fish dishes are abundant and seafood is very popular in Lefkada.

Molluscs are among favorites: squid cooked with rice or pasta, octopus stewed or grilled and fried calamari with a squish of lemon juice.

Delicious pies are also a must-try. You can find them filled with all kinds of ingredients, sweet or sour, but those filled with aromatic greens are possibly the most traditional and most exquisite.

Lefkada's principal product is of course olive oil, so don't forget to grab some local extra-virgin on your way back home.

Bonus Tips

As expected, water sports are the number one choice of pass-time in Lefkada.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling and boat tours are among the tourist favorites, but the island is not lacking in other kinds of adventure.

The woodland of the island is too good to pass and that's why bike tours, hiking expeditions and camping in the woods is an excellent alternative. However, for those who are up for a bigger challenge, there are parasailing and paragliding services available that will raise your adrenaline to high levels.