The joys of sailing

One of the great things about sailing is that you’re often on your own and are unbound from the strictures of society.

You can wear clothes if you want to (not everyone does) and can go where you want when you want!

The hazards of sailing

The flipside of this is that where city life is all about rules and restrictions it also has safety procedures and services to make sure you are safe even while bound by its regulations.

If things go wrong at sea, don't expect a Coast Guard helicopter to arrive in three minutes - in most cases you will have to resolve the problems as they arise on your own.

It is a matter of pride for most experienced sailors that they have never had to call for help even in some pretty sticky situations.
Those who call the Coast Guard every five minutes aren’t very self reliant…

Reading this section could save everyone’s life

In this section we will look at some common situations that people face and give suggestions as to how to fix them.

As a tip, try these suggestions first but as you do so, look closely at the problem you face (no two emergencies are identical) and try to resolve it in your own way if our tips don’t do the job.

It is important that everyone has a read of this section so everyone knows what to do should you the skipper not be able to help out.

It could be you in the water or having a heart attack. Reading this section could save everyone's life.

CHAPTER F - Troubleshooting

  1. Tangled anchor
  2. Plastic bag in the propeller
  3. Hole below the waterline
  4. Fire
  5. Man overboard
  6. Injuries –First Aid
  7. Engine failure
  8. Sinking
  9. Shallow waters



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