Beginner's Guide to Sailing

Beginner's Guide to Sailing

Not everyone is lucky enough to go sailing throughout the year, and it will help you just to read through this manual to remind you the essential elements of sailing once again.

Thank you for taking time to read this guide.

No one is perfect and you might just miss something in your holiday afloat that could cause you problems.

What if you forgot to switch on your anchor light

...while at anchor at night and someone hit you? A very minor thing to do but easily forgotten after a day's adventure on Greek waters!

It would be your fault and you could have to return to Greece later in the year to defend yourself in court, possibly for the deaths of some of your sleeping crew as well.

What if you were caught out in building winds that you hadn’t spotted in the weather forecast...

...had to spend a couple of days sailing to a marina and hadn't accounted for such a problem with adequate food and water?

People frequently do this and it can lead to serious problems for everyone aboard.

What if you forgot to refuel before sailing an anchorage off an uninhabited island for the night and the tank ran dry as you tried to get out of the bay in a building lee shore?

Greece has seen millions of shipwrecked sailors in its long history – we don’t want any more!

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Read this guide

To that extent it will really help you to read this through from beginning to end and remind yourself – or learn from scratch if new to sailing – of the many things that go into having a fun and serious incident free time sailing on our boats.

Everyone gets into scrapes at sea (these make for great stories in the taverna in the evening) but the best scrapes are the ones you walk away from with no one hurt and the boat intact!

This manual isn’t just for complete beginners. It is written for everyone who goes sailing and is designed to sharpen your mind to everything that you may do at sea on our boats:


Leave nothing behind that you wouldn’t want to see yourself.
Protect the beauty of the world you enjoy here


  • Navigation
  • How to sail into the wind and
  • The knots you will need.


Covers the four key elements to remember before you leave the dock, from familiarisation with the equipment to the environment.

Sailor's Guide SAILING

Looks at the Rules of the Road and conventions of sailing inshore and offshore.


Do it right and avoid being the topic of conversation in the bar afterwards.


An essential guide for sorting out problems as they arise from tangled anchors to sinking.


Considers the sailing qualifications we recognise that you may go for if you wish to further you sailing career (and potentially sail with fewer insurance restrictions)

You will be with us for at least a week and we believe that half an hour of your time reading this will wake your mind up and jog your memory on all the little things that make life work afloat.

The most important thing to remember is that for all the technical issues of sailing, it is about having a good time and an adventure with friends and loved ones.
Whatever you do and wherever you go, we and our compatriots you meet along the way hope you have a very enjoyable and fun time afloat.

Fair winds!


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