Yacht Charter Greece

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations anywhere in the world for a vacation. It is a dream to soak in the beauty of say Mykonos, Athens etc. But, something that many visitors leave out on their holiday itinerary are the breathtakingly beautiful islands along the coasts which are just a marvel.

These naturally splendid sights warrant a visit on your next trip to Greece. But, did you not go there on your last trip because you thought they were difficult to access? You should definitely spend your holidays in these islands this time around with the yacht charter services available in Greece.

Have you heard of sailing holidays in Greece? Well, we at Kavas have catered to innumerable satisfied customers who went afloat in Greece and knew the smartest way to travel to these Islands & make their sailing holidays memorable.

Who we are?

Kavas is a yacht charter service based in Greece with a number of top quality sailing yachts in all ranges and sizes from luxury six cabin yachts to catamarans and even Flotilla Sailing Holidays to cater to your taste and budget.

You can do more than just sit back and relax on the yacht and enjoy your sailing holidays in Greece. Explore the beautiful Greek destinations while sailing your own chartered yacht. Stand apart from the crowd and sail your way through Greece.

With our services, get the best boats, the best prices for your sailing holidays in Greece & you can visit the gorgeous Saronic Gulf, Ionian Islands, Dodecanese Islands and Cyclades Islands, all marvels of nature and all quite popular with those seeking out nature’s pristineness.

Why us?

At Kavas, we not only offer you luxury travel around Greece in a boat of your choice but we make sure you get the hottest deals along with a Medical Yacht supported by Red Cross 24/7.

Trust us to serve you!