Best Christmas gifts for sailors

Cheap and cheerful

In this article we will try to give you some gift ideas that would be not only thoughtful but also useful to you and those around you who naturally love to spend their vacation time sailing.

We are confident you will find this list of X-mas gift ideas extremely interesting!

So, let's go ahead and celebrate with:


xmas treeAnchor Alarm

Anchor Alarm

With this tool you will decrease the risks of spending the night outdoors, by monitoring your position.

It is called Anchor Alarm and has described extensively in our previous post 3 Best Sailing Apps.


xmas treeWater Shoes, to walk safely on the deck

Water shoes

Perhaps the most common injuries at sea occur when someone needs to act urgently, while not wearing their shoes.

Unfortunately, slipping on board does happen, even though caution is warranted and is mentioned among our instructions before departure.

If you enjoy sailing "barefoot", it is a good idea to buy these special shoes, spending only € 11!

Link: Hot Tuna Aqua Water Shoes


xmas tree Pirate wine opener

Pirate wine opener

We really liked this kitchen accessory, for its unique, maritime style.

It will definitely make you smile every time you open a bottle of wine both on and off board!

It only costs € 14

Link: Pirate wine opener


xmas treeAdult Life Vest

Adult Life vest


This vital protection costs only $ 69.

Link: Fuel Adults' 165N Manual Inflatable Pro PFD Black


xmas treeA mug for sailing lovers

A mug for sailing lovers

Here is another affordable gift: A "How To Tie Knots" mug.

This is the cup from which you will be drinking your coffee, while learning the intricacies of nautical knots.

Its price: $ 16

Link: A mug for sailing lovers


xmas treeElectic Trimmer and Shaver

Electic Trimmer and Shaver

An excellent gift idea, and absolutely necessary!

This face care tool for men is rechargeable and aims to simplify the shaving process offering a fast, dry, and easy shave.

The cost of the product is only € 25

Link: Electric Trimmer and Shaver.


xmas treeInflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Another brilliant idea, at $ 749

Link: Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.


xmas treeA Hammock


You would enjoy a better sleep on a hammock, plus you would avoid the sea sickness.
Did you know that hammocks was the preferred bed in pirate ships?
Price: $ 54.95

Link: Portable Hammock


xmas treeEspresso Maker

Espresso Maker

We already know that the coffee lovers among you who simply love a good espresso, are brutally deprived of it on sailing vacations.

Espresso coffee has fanatical friends all over the world but unfortunately it is difficult to be enjoyed on board, as its preparation requires a special espresso machine and other accessories.

Well, how about this portable espresso maker that solves our problem with only $ 49! Enjoy!

Link: Espresso maker

xmas treeWinch Salt and Pepper Mills

Winch Salt and Pepper Mills

Wondering how to give your meals a sailing twist?

The answer: these Ocean Winch Salt & Pepper Mills we found at $ 149.

(If you like this idea we urge you to do a little market research, as these seem a bit overpriced.)

Link: Salt & Pepper Mills

xmas treeSolar BBQ

Solar BBQ

If you find the idea of cooking on board appealing, how about this Solar oven?

Using the sunrays as an energy source for your oven is not only economical, but also 100% harmless.

We found the product at € 158

Link: Solar BBQ


xmas treeFitness Smartwatch

Fitness Smartwatch

You are wrong if you think that life on board is sedentary!

You will be surprised to learn that the steps you take every day on a sailing trip are thousands.

We have chosen to present you the Huawei GT2 Pro, for many reasons, the most important of which is that it will motivate you daily in exercise and will transfer the functions of your mobile phone to your wrist (speech, messages).

Also know that it is waterproof and has an autonomy of about 2 weeks.

Its price is € 248 which we believe is very reasonable with regard to its competition.

Link: Fitness Smartwatch


xmas treeA present for the whole family

A present for the whole family - a week’s yacht charter with Kavas Yachting.

Book the family a special discounted week in Greece with Kavas Yachting.

Yacht charter in Greece

Kavas is a family run yacht charter company with bases on the Ionian and Aegean seas, and a range of yachts from 10 metres and up.

You can come and use our yachts as a bareboat charter holiday to explore our waters on your own, or with a crew to take you to some of the best sailing destinations in Greece.

So, there you have it - nine great ideas for the sailor friend or family.

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