Therma Beach in Kos Island

This weekend we visited Kos Island and would like to share with you our experience visiting the seclusive Therma Beach.

Situated close to the city of Kos, approximately 15km along the coastline. Bus no.5 goes from the city to the beach at regular intervals, every ±15 minutes and the fare is 1 Euro each way.

Once you arrive, the road down to the beach is dusty and fairly steep with dramatic cliffs and picturesque trees sprouting from them at what seems like, impossible angles. The summit offers a majestic view of the mountains and sea.

After the descent down and a short walk you’ll spot Therma, a small pool enclosed from the sea by a barrier of loose rocks. The water is boiling where it comes out of the rocks and the hot, sulphuric water is turbulent and dotted with streams of volcanic gas bubbles from under the beach.

The sand is gritty, and at some points there are flat slippery rocks at shallow points of the beach, hence, a pair of flip-flops will prove convenient.

After the spa, a swim in the sea is advised to cooldown followed with some aftersun lotion or moisturiser for a naturally rejuvenating experience.

Other than the warm spring, beach and wonderful view you’ll find donkey rides for your way back to the top where there are cafes providing snacks and cold drinks.

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