What is the stuff you should put in luggage for yachting

I booked a yacht charter. What should I bring with me, for my sailing vacations?


Passports of all people boarding the yacht should be brought along.

Also, the original sailing certificate(s) of skipper and co-skipper should be brought, when a yacht is chartered bareboat (i.e. without a hired skipper).


Bring a few of these, as well as some T-shirts.

Unless you have good reason to do so, don’t bring many clothes with you or anything too posh, as in the warm, sunny Greek weather, you will spend most of your time in a bathing suit.

It’s not a bad idea to bring flip-flops, rubber-soled sandals or any other pair of comfortable shoes which allow for good ventilation of your feet and for their protection whilst on board.

An extra sweater and long cotton pants for cool nights are recommended, as well as light foul-weather gear for any rainy days.


The sun can easily burn your skin pretty fast...

so it is absolutely imperative that you bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen cream/lotion/spray which can adequately protect your face and body from sun rays.

Some after-sun products could help your skin partially recover from long sun exposure. Please consult your dermatologist for the sun-protecting products suitable for your skin and health condition.


You are expected to bring your own beach towels, umbrellas, sea mask & flippers, diving gear etc. if you need any. Your toiletry bag should include all the usual items, plus an insect repellent lotion.

You must bring your own sea-sickness pills in case you believe you will need any, after consulting your doctor. No sea-sickness pills are provided in the yachts.

Women are expected to wear a dress or skirt when they visit monasteries and/or churches. This doesn’t need to be too long, but would be better if it reaches the knees.


It is advisable to bring along books and periodicals of your preference. International Press can be purchased at outlets or kiosks in some touristic destinations, but these could be 2-7 days old.

Also, any bookshops on islands and the coastal areas usually do not offer books written in any other language than Greek. Even when they do, these would most probably be popular best-sellers written in English.

As regards your CDs, it’s best to check whether or not the yacht you booked features a CD-player, before packing a heavy, bulky load of them in your luggage.

Soft luggage bags are to be preferred over hard-sided bags on grounds of space economy, especially valuable if the chartered yacht is small (36” or smaller).

For internet access, there are a limited number of USB sticks and/or wireless cellular modem-routers with WiFi accessibility offered only from our Athens (Marina Alimos) base on a first-come first-serve basis, at an extra cost of €80.

These provide up to 3G connectivity technology, although actual connection speed and technology varies widely based on location, distance from land, cloud coverage, sea conditions, surrounding weather, humidity levels etc.. In some sea and coastal areas, it’s usual to experience total loss of internet connectivity.

A 12 V charger(s) suitable for your mobile device(s) should certainly be placed in your luggage, in case you plan to be using any of these during your sailing trip.


I have a pet. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could bring it along on board?

Although we respect many people’s preference to have their beloved pets with them at all times everywhere they go, it is equally important to keep yachts as clean as possible, especially when delivering them to following clients who might not appreciate a pet’s smell inside the yacht.

It should be noted, that long cruises could disturb a pet, especially under rough sea conditions, while pets sometimes also cause damages inside a yacht, e.g. chewing salon pillows or scratching wooden surfaces.

Nevertheless, if a client would insist on having a pet on board, a double end-cleaning fee would be applicable – i.e. €70 euros per cabin – in order to cater for more thorough clean-up. Any damages inflicted by a pet are to be paid for by the security deposit, irrespective of who the owner of the pet is among people on board.


Should I bring my medication along with me?

I have a health condition which requires I follow a special medical treatment.

Sailing yachts are equipped with a most basic medical kit, which does not include medicines. Pharmacies on islands and coastal areas can offer a variety of medicines, although it should not be taken for granted that any specific drug – however widely used in Greece or abroad – will, indeed be available, immediately or even at all. Additionally, some drugs can only be sold by presenting a valid doctor’s prescription sheet.

If your doctor has provided you with a specific prescription, it would be a good idea to bring it along with you, just in case you need to show it to a doctor or pharmacist in Greece.

In any case, all medication necessary, in the proper form, dosage and quantity suggested by your doctor, should be brought with you from your country of departure, enough to last at least as long as your sailing holidays.

If applicable, please check with your airline for medicinal quantities you are allowed to carry on board inside an airplane’s cabin.

Linen - Towels

One set of bed linen & bathroom towels is provided per cabin, their cost being included in the end-cleaning fee of €35/cabin, a mandatory extra payable in cash at the base upon embarkation. Additional sets can be provided upon demand at extra cost.


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