Had a good Christmas meal with family and friends? Relaxed and happy, and with the spectre of going back to work, it may help to think of planning your summer holidays. How about booking a yacht charter holiday in Greece with Kavas Yachting?

Our Sailing history

Vangelis Kavas

Kavas Yachting was originally founded in 1985 by Vagelis Kavas. With his passion for helping people enjoy the best possible sailing experience on Greek waters, Mr Kavas grew his business over the years and now has more than 50 yachts.
It is now a family business with Vagelis at the head and his children managing the day to day affairs.

You don’t need sailing experience!

Kavas Yachting can provide you with a skipper and crew to enable you to enjoy sailing with us. This means that you might not need to have any sailing experience at all to come sailing around Greece.

For those who may have some sailing experience but need to re-familiarise themselves with skippering a yacht, a crewed Greek yacht charter may help, as well as our Beginner's Guide to Sailing

In either case our skippers and crews will be more than happy to show you the ropes around the boat, as well as sharing their local knowledge as to the best sailing destinations. They are often well connected and know the better restaurants and bars to visit as well as local curiosities peculiar to the ports and towns you may stay at.

Why come sailing with Kavas Yachting?

Booking a Greek yacht charter with Kavas Yachting, you can sail around most Greek waters - the Cyclades Islands, Saronic Gulf, Dodecanese Islands and the Ionian Islands all have their quirks and reasons to visit. Each chain of islands (and indeed the Attic mainland) have very distinct cultures that have developed over the centuries to make Greece one of the most culturally diverse nations in Europe.

The Ionian sea is very different from the three destinations on the Aegean. Perhaps more suited to those in search of relaxation and respite from their toils ashore, you will find the Maistro wind builds in the morning after sunrise to a gentle yet steady breeze, before dying away in the evening after you reach your marina or anchorage.

KAVAS Photo Contest 2018

Every island has its unique heritage (both ancient and modern) and you can choose to party the night away or taste the delicious food and wine that is on offer wherever you go. Fancy swimming alone off a deserted beach? There are opportunities to do that too! Pay a visit to our website to explore where you might sail on the Ionian Sea.

The Aegean is often more about the sailing! The Meltemi winds can present challenging yet extremely exciting sailing, and for those with a goodly amount of sailing experience you will enjoy the hot and sometimes strong blast of wind from Asia as you race between the islands on your holiday.

Have a look around our website to explore our Aegean destinations of the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf, and the Dodecanese Islands. You will be spoiled for choice – perhaps consider booking with us again next year as so many of our regular clients do?

The Kavas fleet

Our well maintained fleet of charter yachts are replaced every 10 years or so, and we have different vessels to suit your every need. More into sunbathing and boat parties at the destination? Consider one of our Bali catamarans. These are luxurious boats with en suite heads in every cabin and comfortable living spaces. They do not heel much and can sail a lot closer to shore, fun for those who might want to swim ashore for a beach barbecue?

For those who consider themselves more "sailing purists" we have a large fleet of monohull yachts that provide a mix of excellent sailing yet well-appointed cabins. Metre for metre of length these are cheaper than our catamarans but many consider them more fun when blasting along on a reach!

Creating memories to last a lifetime

Booking a sailing holiday on Greek waters with Kavas Yachting is as much about creating memories as it is about enjoying your time with us afloat. While that broad reach in perfect winds between islands with your friends or family enjoying those moments may take just a few hours, the memories will remain with you for years to come. As you tour the Greek mainland, islands and seas so your adventures and experiences will be something to look back on with fondness in the coming years.

We are currently offering up to 35% off our early bird bookings (within Jan. '18) for chartering a yacht with us this summer. That means you could pay as little as €2500 for a 16 metre Beneteau Oceanis 50 yacht in May 2018.

Book now and prepare yourself for a relaxed and fun time with us this summer.

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Richard Shrubb